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"LNG - infrastruktur og markedsoppdatering" med

Karl Fredrik Staubo, Chief Executive Officer, Golar Management Ltd. Staubo was appointed Chief Executive Officer on May 13, 2021. Prior to this role he acted as Golar LNG's Chief Financial Officer from September 2020 and as Chief Executive officer of Golar LNG Partners LP from May 2020 to April 2021. Before joining Golar, Mr. Staubo spent 10 years advising and investing in Shipping Energy and Infrastructure companies with Magni Partners Ltd, (2018-2020 and Clarksons Platou Securities (2020-2018).

Ina Bjørkum Arneson, Analyst, Fearnresearch
Ina is a graduate from NTNU with a degree in Marine Technology. Ina has been with Fearnresearch since 2020, focusing on LNG since 2021.

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