Medlemsmøter 2019-2020

Medlemsmøter avholdt i perioden fra Generalforsamling 2019 til Generalforsamling 2020

Medlemsmøte 13. februar 2019

DNK - The Norwegian Shipowners' Mutual War Risks Insurance Association

"War risk loss prevention & the current security threat to shipping", Freddy Furulund, Director of Security & Contingency
"Digitization of war risk insurance, by use of shipborne sensor technology", Anders G. Hovelsrud, Insurance Director

The speakers gave an intoruction to DNK and the concept of war risk insurance, including cyber-attack, terrorism, piracy, etc. They particularly talked about DNK's ground-breaking sensor and communication technology, which will play a significant role in future loss prevention, as well as automate and improve premium calculation, and reduce the shipowners' adminitrative and legal burdens.

Medlemsmøte 5. mars 2019

"Autonomy in shipping; opportunities and challenges", Per A. Brinchmann, VP Special Projects, Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding ASA, and chairman of the board of Massterly.
Autonomy has become a buzzword in the shipping community. What does it mean, why should we embrace it and where will it take us? Show-stoppers, and how to overcome them. Wilhelmsen and Kongsberg Maritime have established the joint venture Massterly AS to explore the opportunities in operation of autonomous vessels and logistics. In addition, they see opportunities in traditional shipping. Brinchmann shared invformation about some projects and ideas they are now developing.

"Autonomy in shipping; Is today's legal framework ready?", Herman Steen, Partner and lawyer at Wikborg Rein
The development of auonomous ships are pushing the boundaries of today's legal framework which is based on the assumption that the vessel has a Master and crew onboard. Can autonomous vessels comply with the existing regulations? Who is the Master if the vessel is monitored remotely from a control room ashore? In case of a collision, how will liability be apportioned and who can be held liable for claims? These and other legal implications were considered.

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