Medlemsmøte 27. november 2018

"Offshore decommissioning" - Presentasjoner av
Johannes Thrane, AF Offshore Decom, "Decommissioning"
Decommissioning of offshore installations is on the agenda for most all companies. We got a presentation from AF Offshore Decom AS, a specialized contractor for removal projects, who is experiencing a high level of activity. AF Offshore Decom told us about their decommissioning projects, management and execution of the projects and about Vats - AF's Environmental Base in Rogaland, built specially for disposal of offshore- and other marine structures.

Petter Dyring, Clarksons Platou Offshore, "Vessel availability and subsea trends"
Clarksons Platou provided an update on the supply side of the vessels involved in decommissioning of offshore structures, such as heavy lift vessels, subsea, tugs & barges and on certain trends in subsea.

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